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Boomwhacker 13 Note Stand (BO-BWH13)
Boomwhacker 13 Note Stand
Model# BO-BWH13

An attractive, wood stand with inserts to display the 13 notes in a chromatic scale. Excellent addition to any home or...

List: $17.99

Price: $10.99

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Boomwhacker Whacker Mallets (BO-ML1G)
Boomwhacker Whacker Mallets
Model# BO-ML1G

Mallets that are perfect for use on the Boomwhacker tubes when being played like a xylophone. Also included in the...

List: $11.99

Price: $6.99

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Boomwhackers Backpack (BO-BWBP)
Boomwhackers Backpack
Model# BO-BWBP

A new backpack for storing and carrying your Boomwhackers®. Each is made of heavy Nylon with reinforced handles and seams....

List: $30.59

Price: $17.99

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Move and Play Tote (BO-BWMP-BAG)
Move and Play Tote

Traveling tote for Boomwhackers. Can hold up to 25 Boomwhackers, Octavator caps and pocket for books on side.

List: $25.29

Price: $15.99

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Octavator Tube Caps 8-Pack (BO-OC8G)
Octavator Tube Caps 8-Pack
Model# BO-OC8G

These caps lower the pitch of a Boomwhacker by an octave when placed on one end of the tube. The 8-pack contains enough caps...

List: $14.99

Price: $7.99

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XyloTote Tube Holder (BO-XT8G)
XyloTote Tube Holder
Model# BO-XT8G

Made of cotton, elastic, and hook-and-loop fasteners, the XyloToteTM is an important component of the Boomophone™ XTS Whack...

List: $31.99

Price: $18.99

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